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A few examples of our work

We manage all firewalling, internet redundancy (fail-over), the VOIP phone network and security camera system at RSS Security Solutions. Our in-house GloZone router handles all of these network aspects.

In addition to providing general IT services to the Pretoria-based Embassy itself, we also provide some networking services and all internet services to: The Norwegian Embassy in Cape Town; The Pretoria and Cape Town residences of the Ambassador (including wireless coverage throughout the grounds); Eleven Diplomatic residences

Ntinga is one of our longest-standing customers. We have provided all internet, networking and other IT services to the Ntinga head office and their airport outlets since 1996.

We are both a client and service provider to Alisom Communications. We provide general ADSL and Internet services to several of their more remote Vodacom stores and outlets. In addition we have been outsourced by them to supply and install the GSM connectivity and wireless needs for around 400 Supergroup-owned motor dealerships. The project includes providing a GSM (Cellular) based wireless hotspot for Supergroup clients to surf / download / email whilst they wait for their vehicles.

GSA was commissioned to design and write the very first website for Arthur Kaplan South Africa back in 1997. Thereafter they were a long-standing client to whom we provided general internet, email and networking services to, until 2008.

GSA custom built a VPN for several Midas retail outlets to provide real-time sales transactions to a centralized server via a GSM (cellular) Network. We made use of our in-house router (GloZone) for the project.

GSA assembled and configured our in-house router (GloZone) to provide in-store wireless access to staff for around 400 Vodastores, 4U stores and Walk-in centers. In addition the routers create one of the largest VPN’S in the country and create store access to the Vodacom backbone for live transaction processing. We provided the first 400 modems for the M-pesa project back in 2010. We were the first vendor to provide a working solution for this project. We have also wirelessed the Vodaworld complex which provides an open network to customers whilst at the mall.

GSA are providing indoor wireless hotspots for a large number of motor-dealers that make up Supergroup (approximately 400 franchises). The purpose is to allow customers free wireless internet access to download email and surf whilst waiting for their vehicle.

GSA wirelessed the TUV Head office in Centurion and created a short range bridge linking the two buildings comprising the head-office. The project was completed using intelligent, high-powered wireless access points, meshed together to create a single, seamless wireless network across the buildings.

GSA wirelessed the S.A. head-office of global attorney firm, Eversheds, based in Sandton. The project was completed using intelligent, high-powered wireless access points, meshed together to create a single, seamless wireless network. The access points are intelligent and pass users from one device to the next as the building is traversed, in a similiar fashion to a cellular network. A high powered quad core router handles all network traffic and provides full reporting to the IT department.

GSA wirelessed the newly built Maseru Mall in Maseru under contract to Econet, the telecommunications provider (Telkom equivalent) in Lesotho. The project was completed using carrier grade, ultra long-range Wavion equipment mounted atop an MTN tower. We have also provided a number of outdoor hotspots into Econet which they use to provide other services to their client base. In addition our GloZone router provides connectivity from a number of Standard Bank ATM’s back to head office to authenticate and process financial transactions via GSM.

Phase 1: Wireless of East Rand Water head office. This phase of the project was completed using intelligent, high-powered wireless access points, meshed together. This created a single, seamless wireless network across the various buildings comprising the head-office.
Phase 2: Wirelessed 18 water-refinement plants across the greater East Rand. This phase was completed using hi-powered outdoor equipment. It included a custom built 3G (cellular) VPN to allow all the plants real-time, secure access to head office for reporting / day to day operations.
Phase 3: We created one virtual network, split across all 19 physical networks, allowing mobile staff network access irrespective of physical access point.