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We meet your wireless needs in both urban areas and rural environments including areas challenged by geographical and / or infrastructural anomalies.

Wherever you need wireless; be it over a mountain range, a stretch of road, an office park, campus or home, we will get you covered.

Wireless Managed Hotspots

Whether indoor or outdoor we provide a completely managed hotspot solution. This enables you, as a location owner, to run your core business and trust that your guests are able to access the highest quality wireless connectivity in a secure environment.

Rental Wifi

Most venues too expensive or offer no internet access?

Wherever you need temporary online access we have a secure, encrypted, portable wifi solution to suit your needs and pocket.

Whatever online content you need to access, from cloud-based content to your company VPN; from your Intranet to online company files; from large media files to online presentations; from web access to email, we will have you online quickly, quietly and efficiently. From conferences to trade shows; from schools to varsities; from engagement parties to weddings, we will have you connected for the duration of your project, for less than you think. Incoming internet access runs on a pay as you go basis, giving you as much or as little bandwidth as you need for your function.

Advanced firewalling, web proxy and watchdog services ensure strictly controlled bandwidth use. Post-function reporting shows what your bandwidth was used for.

Business Private
Conferences Holiday homes
Trade Shows Weddings
Presentations Engagement parties
Conventions 21st Birthdays
Incentive days
Golf days
Public transport for employees (buses, coaches).
School and Varisty (online exams)

  • No financial outlay in terms of hardware
  • No warranty issues
  • On-site dedicated technician
  • Backup equipment

Wireless Backhauls

Long or short range robust, stable and encrypted backhauls providing point to point presence.

Wireless Bridges

Cheaply and easily create a wireless high-speed point to point bridge over a road or an obstacle.

Wireless Triple Play Networks

High speed, robust network providing simultaneous voice, data and video transmission.

Wireless Mesh Networks

Seamlessly mesh networks together without compromising security.

Wireless Multipoint

  • Wireless infrastructures for distributed CCTV surveillance.
  • CCTV optimized wireless multipoint infrastructures with PoE support for cameras.
  • Wireless transport for security networks